Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

As you can see, Baby New Year is upon us. Creepy little bugger, isn’t he? Well, the future is always scary. Of course, as it is New Years, it’s time for the new resolutions. I’ve only got a couple. 1st, stay on top of this blog. I tend to abandon it for long periods of time (this is typical for me. My DeviantArt account gets the same treatment). Second, stay on top of my Etsy store. I’m going to try to branch into selling on different venues, etc., but if I can stay on top of the Etsy store and the Blog, I think it will help.
Now, Baby New Year… The Baby isn’t actually Baby New Year, but I finally finished the little devil, and I sat on him for a bit, so I could unveil him today. The eyes are glass pebbles that I painted, the head is Super Sculpey, and the whole deal is stabbed onto a dowel rod, so I could move it about under the baby blanket. The idea is to carry around the little rod puppet, and act like it’s a baby until people want to see him. I think the shock value will be priceless. He may be incorporated into this year’s Halloween costume, but I dunno, yet.
Keep tuned, and I promise I’ll at least get some stuff posted for the next few days.

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