Friday, August 6, 2010

Multiple Tragedies

No big photo update this time, because I really don't feel like it. Two unrelated events have me very frustrated with the whole mess...but I'll keep plugging at it.

First, and more minor of the two, I was building up a latex mold when suddenly, it's container seal broke. $30 worth of latex went from being a mold to being all over my art table and on my paint brushes. Note that that was all of the latex I owned currently....grrr. And it killed paint brushes.

Secondly, last night there was a thunder storm. It killed my computer's ethernet and killed my stereo, at the same time.... though they are both on surge protectors. So, I'm limping by with wireless internet, but my router is on the other side of the house from my computer, so the signal strength is shoddy. I will miss the stereo though.

I'm going to do more work on art stuff today, but I am REALLY fed up. Eh well.

Oh, also, my phones are dead.

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