Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CIA and Illuminati use Flouride to Control Minds!

Okay, the title is a bit of silliness, granted. The point of it is to let you all know I just finished reading "The Skeptic's Guide to Conspiracies" and I very much enjoyed it.

While I've linked to the Amazon page so you could see it, I actually picked it up at Ollie's, and payed somewhere in the neighborhood of $3.50 for it. Well worth the money. It's very cool if you are interested in learning about all the weird theories out there, but don't really feel like reading reams and reams of mad ranting.

It's a little off the beaten path of my 'normal' stuff, but really, if you work at it, you can see how it would fit with the other stuff.

Now, a word as to why I've been quiet lately. I've been busy. I sewed a vest (Not a big deal if you know how to read a pattern and sew...but a very big deal if you don't) for my steam punk costume. It's cool, just not cool enough to get it's picture taken, yet. I've been working frantically on a bird doll for Cloth and Clay Dolls little contest/assignment...what ever it's called. The bird is almost done, but he is having a little trouble standing on his own, so I've got to tweak him a bit before he's finished. Also been doing all the spring cleaning crap that one does in the spring. Oh, and playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii (I can't work all the time!)

More stuff soon, I swear it. Until then, read a book!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Page 49, Baby!

Okay, I've been in kind of an art slump the last few days. It sucks. I'm usually more prolific than I have been, but it happens. Today, that is changing!

I went to get the mail at a bit after noon (I needed my e-cigs order), and the Regretsy Book was laying on my porch! Yay!!!!

I, of course, ripped it right open, on the porch, to see what ungodly things were said about my "Angel of Death" Art Doll. I was very happy to see that I got a whole page (Not a big deal, each item got it's own page), and that the 'snarky' comment under my doll was not so bad, either. Any way, it was very exciting.

So, once again, I'm inspired to create. I've got a lot on my plate that needs finishing, but I've now got more ideas, and the energy to complete them! We'll see how that goes.

Also, if you buy the book, and decide that my Angel of Death is just an overpriced piece of crap, I'll have you know that it sold before I found out that it was chosen for the book! Yay!!!

That is all, for now. Except that you should get the book. It's not expensive, and it's awesome.
Also, I know the picture is crap. It's supposed to be. If you wanna read it, buy the book. I also feel that I should inform you that I took the picture in the bathroom. Ha!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gas Mask Delay

I've been focusing a lot of attention on my steampunk gas mask, but I've realized now why only like one guy actually makes these things. I've ran into some problems.

Firstly, my lenses keep popping out. I'm not sure what to do about this one, but it's a minor fix, I'm sure. It is slowing me down, though.

The things my lenses are kept in keep breaking off the mask, too. This one is harder. I'm reworking the design to compensate for this, but it's being a pain.

The leather doesn't want to stay attached either. God help me, it's falling apart all over the place.

I really am working on this, though! I swear it!

On the other projects:

The sheep's body, head, and legs are finished. I need to make ears, hair, and arms. It's coming along.

Jewelry is harder than I thought. I've got some of it finished, but it's nothing I want to show!

The bird doll's head is finished, but I'm thinking of starting over. It doesn't have the feel I want. I'll save the head, of course, and use it for something else, later.

The Chan and Eng pic is done, but I've not matted it yet. I don't like matting, so I'm just stalling.

I started a vest today. It's my first attempt to sew using a pattern, which is weird. I cut out the lining, and now I just need to cut out the interfacing, the exterior and sew it all together. We'll see how that goes! It'll look good with the gas mask, I think.

I've also started a new steampunk pistol. This one's going to be double barreled! It'll probably go up for sale too.

That's it for now. More stuff later!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nervous as Hell

Today, the Regretsy book comes out, and I'm nervous.

If you know Regretsy, then you know that it can get a little ...ugly there. So, it's not exactly the first place an artist wants to see their work. In fact, often, it's the last place an artist wants their work. Usually, showing up on Regretsy means you did something that's so bad nobody would ever dream of buying it.

I'm nervous because I've got an item featured in that book.

It's not so bad as ruining my career or anything...but I have no idea what was said about my poor "Angel of Death" Art Doll. To be completely mercenary about it, it doesn't matter, either. The Angel of Death is sold and gone!

Anyway, I'm not going to get much work done until I see this book. Random House is supposed to be sending me a copy, but it's not here, yet. I'll update when it arrives!

Side Note: Working in secret on a new "jar baby" type thing.