Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Page 49, Baby!

Okay, I've been in kind of an art slump the last few days. It sucks. I'm usually more prolific than I have been, but it happens. Today, that is changing!

I went to get the mail at a bit after noon (I needed my e-cigs order), and the Regretsy Book was laying on my porch! Yay!!!!

I, of course, ripped it right open, on the porch, to see what ungodly things were said about my "Angel of Death" Art Doll. I was very happy to see that I got a whole page (Not a big deal, each item got it's own page), and that the 'snarky' comment under my doll was not so bad, either. Any way, it was very exciting.

So, once again, I'm inspired to create. I've got a lot on my plate that needs finishing, but I've now got more ideas, and the energy to complete them! We'll see how that goes.

Also, if you buy the book, and decide that my Angel of Death is just an overpriced piece of crap, I'll have you know that it sold before I found out that it was chosen for the book! Yay!!!

That is all, for now. Except that you should get the book. It's not expensive, and it's awesome.
Also, I know the picture is crap. It's supposed to be. If you wanna read it, buy the book. I also feel that I should inform you that I took the picture in the bathroom. Ha!


  1. Coy... you're a hoot! Congratulations on the publication of your work! Well done! Get inspired... Daryle