Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Key Chains

I have made my masters, made the molds, and poured some key chains! …and painted them. Anyway, here they are. I am sure that EVERYONE EVER will agree that there is something grossly wrong about the lack of gas mask key chains in the world. I’m here to solve that. Also, at least some people will agree that there are not enough sexy naked fox girl key chains, as well, so I did that, too.

As for the bad news: I’m having issues with air bubbles in both molds, but in the fox girl, they are almost insurmountable. The gas mask isn’t so bad, but it’s bad enough that it slows down my making of them. Also, the fox girl’s paint job is a little complex for me to just mass make these things to sell, so she may never be a sold product. This makes me sad, but it may happen!

I’m digging through every set of tips and tricks I can find involving the casting process I am using, and I will keep you updated on what works!

Also, if Austrich reads this, you have a gas mask key chain waiting on you.


  1. That austrich guy did not read this.

    He's busy being lazy and watching Dick Cheney talk about guns. Word on the street is that he looooooves him some Dick Cheney, and that he secretly wants him to run for President. If not that, I heard he supports a movement toward the establishment of Monarchical inclusion of former Vice Presidents whereby they would be first in line to be King henceforth.

    Pff. What's with the bird reference anyway? I know why that guy calls himself "the austrich." It's because he's a straight-up loon.

  2. Um. What's with the smear, "not the austrich?"

    Sure, I can be a bit lazy from time-to-time. But, what's with the *Dick* Cheney stuff? I don't want him to run for President. I do kind of want a King (because I really want to be King).

    To the point, and in my concocted Kingspeak, I sayeth the following:
    In so reading of thouest webscroll, sir Powers, I bid you the thanks of a thousand peasants. I looketh forward to seeing in King (person) this masked gaseous gift and I will enjoy it like a squire does a bountiful bit of merriment.

    Btw, I will soon be sending you a couple of the snow pics. All I'm waiting on is the ability to find a particular font that isn't corrupted (you'd be surprised at how many corrupted fonts go unrecognized by anything but "this application is screwed up, it keeps shutting down."
    Anyway, I'll work it out soon.

  3. The thanks of a thousand peasants is all well and good, but I'd PREFER the thanks of one Bill Gates...presuming of course he thanks people with money. As for Not the Austrich...I got no ideers. Must be someone knowing of your sore spots and what not..but not quite mean enough to hit you with some of the less political ones.

    Okay, that's all I got for now. I'm thru.