Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mold Making

Mold making is a new thing for me, but I’ve always been interested in it. In fact, I thought I’d grow up to design toys, when I was a kid, and I’m not completely over that ambition. Right now, I’m working on some keychain molds, rather than start with something so complex that I’ll just end up frustrated and angry. That’s something I tend to do all too often. I over reach, then I get mad.

I’ve done some other molds, of course. The candles, the reindeer skeleton ornaments, etc. Most of them were made by painting latex over an object, drying it, and repeating until I thought I’d go insane, or by using some mold making putty that works pretty well, but only for certain things. This time, I’m gonna use RTV latex. It’s scary and exciting. The last time I tried this stuff, the seal around my mold kinda popped, and I ended up with cured sheets of the stuff all over my desk. You can’t tell by just reading this, but I was and still am furious over that little incident. Eh well, live and learn, I suppose.

I don’t know yet how the molds will turn out, but as I learn stuff, I’ll try to keep you informed! Heck, some of you may even find it useful.

Two asides:

First, the little sculpture pictured there is going to be used for key chains, if it turns out okay. She's a little under two inches tall. Sorry for the picture quality. I'm one of those people who uses their phone for pictures.

Second, there's a chance, albeit slim, that Mom will be getting out of the hospital today, pending a procedure to fix a partially collapsed lung (which I only heard about yesterday).

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