Sunday, February 7, 2010

A shrunken head

Alright, with a name that has "Jar Babies" in it, I'm expected to show some f'ed up stuff, occassionally. Well, here's a shrunken head!
This nasty devil is a prototype for more shrunken heads, as I figure out a better process of mass producing them. They will ALL be unique, and don't involve molds or the like, but this one took too long to be a salable thing. Also, his paint needs some touching up. I did learn from the process, and I've already found some ways to make it look better, and be made faster. My only fear is of running out of hair.
The idea to make a shrunken head came from an oddities book, "North Carolina Curiosities," which is a pretty interesting book about the cool and weird things to do and see around the state. I realized upon seeing that some place had actual shrunken heads, that they were perfect for my shop and the image I'm trying to maintain.
So, to make a long story short, expect some shrunken heads in my shop soon, and buy them! Also, they do go well with your jungle themed bedroom that your girlfriend yells at you about.

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