Friday, February 5, 2010

Bunny Complete

Seeing as how the last two posts were about bunnies, I figured I'd make it a trilogy and call it good.
The little Easter Bunny girl is finished!
Sewing her dress was a royal pain in the butt, but the doll itself went together like a dream. During the dress, the sewing machine jammed, and jammed, and broke thread, and jammed, and ruined material. Thank God that once I got the machine running properly, it didn't give me too much more trouble. Painting her was very enjoyable, which is odd. Usually the paint job or the assembling fights me hard.
Her little flowers were culled from a few different tiny bouquets from the wedding section of Hobby Lobby, but the rest of here was completely built by me. Her "antiquing" wash went smoothly, so after the fight with the dress, all that was left was to sign her.
I signed and dated her butt, just for the record.
Also, those aren't my Care Bears DVDs, I put them in the photos for scale, and thought that the cute bunny would clash with the movies I watch.

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