Monday, February 1, 2010

My Studio is a Wreck!

Oof, as I lay awake last night with my wonderful insomnia, all I could think about was cleaning my studio. It's gotten so bad that I'm working more and more in front of the TV, instead of where I should be working.
Working in front of the TV isn't terrible, but it's not ideal, either. The TV is distracting, for one, so I end up working longer on things than I should. Also, it's caused the small but real problem of slowly making my living room as disorganized as my studio. Today, I shall fix all of that...or rather, I shall TRY to fix all of that. My motivation is low now, because I'm sleepy (see 'insomnia' above).
With luck the studio shall come back into what it should be, or at least closer, and I'll be able to take more pictures in there without having to shuffle piles of newspapers, boxes of old paintings, or tons of tools before grabbing the camera.

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