Friday, February 4, 2011

Rat Doll part 4

The body of the rat was glued back together, yesterday, and the gaps in her sides were re-clayed. I drilled a hole where the neck would go, then baked it again.

The head got some more detail, namely the nose and mouth, but I also padded up the cheeks. It was re-baked as well.

I'm working on padding out the figure, some today. Bigger hips and rump, maybe some more clothing detail. I may also work on adding eyes and making ears for the head, or I may move on to the limbs. I'm not sure which, yet.

After baking the body for the third time, I may drill holes for the arms and legs. We'll see. I'm also considering some 'bake and bend' sculpey for the tail, that way it can be thin without danger of breaking off. That will require it's own bake, though, as the bake and bend sculpey cooks at a lower temp and for a shorter time. I'm also not 100% sure that I even still have any of the Bake and Bend stuff.

The skirt for the doll is still in the completely imaginary stage. I haven't picked a color yet, much less a fabric.

More stuff soon!

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