Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rat Doll part 3

After I baked the head and body at 275 for 15 minutes, I let them cool for a couple of hours. Then, I took the body and I cut it open! Yay!

I used my Dremel with a cutting disk to saw open the body, so I could pull out the stuffing inside of it. The tape on the body core really helped with pulling out the insides. Problem was, the clay was waaay too thin in places.

After I cut it open and removed the core, I added a thin layer of sculpey to the inside. That way she won't break as easily, but I still have a hollow body to work with. She's getting baked again, as I write this.

To note: If you are not going to paint your doll, I'm not sure that you would want to bake the sculpey multiple times. It tends to get a little darker in color every time, so none of your parts would match. The rat is probably going to be either gray or brown, so I don't care that the sculpey has a bit of a patchy color. If you are making a baby doll, however...maybe you shouldn't just bake and bake and bake.

Tomorrow, I will likely start making limbs for the rat!

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