Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Paintings part 1

Here's two of the paintings I've done in the last little bit, chosen based on the order in which I worked on their photos, not the order in which they were painted. I have several paintings to talk about/show, so I'm going to do two at a time for a bit.

The first one, cleverly titled "Red Dragon," is 28"X22" on gallery wrapped canvas. It's an acrylic, and took several days to finish. I don't really remember how long, exactly, but I can tell you that I do remember the pain I would be in after a painting session. I was painting for such long stretches of time that my arms, neck and back would be locked up from holding the same position for so long. If any of you know my work and actually pay attention to sizes, you'll notice that this one is WAY bigger than I normally least in the past. Lately that size has become about average for me, not the exception.

The scales were my least favorite part to do, but I think they were ultra important to getting the dragon to look 'dragony' enough. The wizard in goggles standing in front of the dragon was lifted from an old sketch in one of my sketch books. After getting the dragon roughed out onto the canvas, I roughed out the wizard on the rocks. I used the sketch for reference while I was painting, so I could keep up with the details.

The second painting is "Cyclops Sunset" and is 20"X24". This one was done in the course of one long afternoon, thanks to the pseudo silhouette style. Also an acrylic on canvas, this one was a LOT easier than the dragon. I had a lot of fun with the trees, and of course, playing with the sky behind the cyclops. As for inspiration as to why I painted it...I dunno. I wanted to do the glowing eye on the black background more than anything.

Comments and questions are absolutely welcome! Leave 'em here if ya want! Next post will be more paintings, then Friday, I will reveal the sideshow goat!

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