Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weather makes mans head explode

Every time it becomes a little overcast here, or God forbid, it begins to rain, I get a headache. Not a little uncomfortable pain, either. I get this excruciating, devistateing, soulless damnable pain that can completely incompasitate me. When this happens, and it happens a lot, I am not content to suffer in silence. It makes me evil. It's happening as I write this, by the way, and is my inspiration for sharing.

I looked up my problems with the weather changing causing me to suffer, and guess what? I'm not alone. Apparently I'm a 'human barometer'. Yay me. 'Weather changes cause changes in air pressure which can cause sinus pain' crap. I knew that. I was looking for treatments though.

...And, we found the treatments! Wait a minute, they are the same as they are for any sinus headache, which means I've tried them all and they've all failed. That sucks. Looks like I'm going to be resorting to surgery soon.

As for the suffering in silence, I think part of that is human nature...but a bigger part of it is my own low tolerance for 'stupid'. Stupid pisses me off. Stupid makes me angry. Stupid makes me want to choke something. Add pain to this mix, and stupid goes from an annoyance that I can barely tolerate to an annoyance that I want to beat with a shovel. Being perfectly alone, you might think that right now there's nothing stupid to bother me, but you'd be wrong. You see, I have Television and the Internet, and both seem to be overflowing with stupid.

Okay, I'm going to wrap this up. The long and the short of what I'm saying is that if a storm rolling in causes you a terrible headache, I feel your pain. There is treatment out there, but it mostly looks like the same crap we've all had before. Oh, and if you are stupid and there's bad weather afoot, stay clear of me...for both our sakes.

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