Friday, March 5, 2010

bARTer Sauce!!!

I just became the 'featured trade' on bARTerSauce!!! It was very fun, and I got a cool cyborg donkey and an 'unwearable' necklace out of the deal!

It's a pretty sweet site, all in all, even if not all of it is work safe. If you have interesting art to trade, I say go for it! Very cool place.

Oh, and that bearded monster in the picture ...that's me. See why I wear a gas mask?

Whe you go to bARTer Sauce, check out the fact that a short story is sent with each thing, and random interview's all really interesting, and besides, you get to see cool stuff.

I'm not telling you what I traded to get my stuff...if you want to know you have to go there and check it out, yourself!