Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Donkey Costume Update: Hooves

I finished the hooves for my donkey fursuit yesterday. The shoes were just a pair I picked up on clearance for $13. The hooves are sheets of styrene held onto the shoe with 14 gauge wire, and covered in epoxy putty. Yesterday I painted and sealed the hooves, and so they are now ready for the next step, which involves hiding the shoes the rest of the way!

I also cut out the pattern, yesterday, so I will start sewing the mock-up jumpsuit soon. After all the fitting and alterations are done, I will be able to move on to working with the fake fur.

I also started cutting out the foam padding that will be under the suit. It will give me digigrade legs, with luck, and make me have a cool donkey belly. Maybe a big donkey butt, too. While that sounds silly and boarders on sounding dirty, or at the least very juvenile, it's true. The over all form I'm wanting for this suit is a bit of a cartoony look. Upright donkeys usually have a defined rump that sticks out further from their backs.

I'm also working on the eyes and will have another update soonish. Next will be more paintings...Probably 3 instead of 2 next time, so I can finally be caught up with my acrylics, unless I've miscounted.

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