Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cat Boxes!

I've been playing on and off again with pyrography (wood burning) lately. I've never really stained wood before though, so that step intimidated me. Having just completed a blasted Dr. Fate helmet has given me courage to try new media and techniques, though, so I've burned then stained these two boxes.

There would be more boxes stained, but unfortunately, I don't have the equipment to stain multiple boxes at once. I have to do them on at a time, because I don't have enough little goofy pyramids that I use to prop them up. I have no idea what the pyramids are called, but they come from hardware stores, and they are used to do things like prop boxes up while you stain them.

I'm a bit disappointed with how both of these came out. Staining the wood obscures a lot of detail, apparently. I need to try to either work with less detail, or with dark darker detail.

The secret I told you about a few posts ago? It's coming along just fine. I'll be talking it up, soon.

1 comment:

  1. Without yet seeing the boxes first-hand; regarding the approach to detail, I vote for the option to retain detail and darken it. Losing detail that has purpose removes the dignity from complexity.

    Kind of like the following:

    Pickled punks are cool. [original]
    Pickles are cool. [details removed + lame]
    Pickled punks are the crown jewels at a sideshow, and that's cool to the core. [details retained and darkened a little]