Monday, June 6, 2011

Airbrushing shirts

I've been playing away with my new airbrush, and I finally have things worth showing for my troubles! I've been airbrushing t shirts (the classiest of all things to airbrush).

The brown shirt is mine, it's a winged frog, the black shirt is Sarah's. It's me in a gas mask...I'm guessing you already knew that though. Both of these shirts were heat set with an iron, and have made it through the wash, so we know the paint took. The frog shirt's wing faded just a bit near the edge, so last night late, I added a little paint, then heat set it again, for longer and hotter. Hopefully this time it will take.

Both are done using Frisket stencils that I designed. The frog is a particularly simple stencil. It's just the outline of the frog and an outline of the wing (as separate pieces). All the detail on it was added by hand. As a result, the frog was more fun to make, too.

I've gotten a few more blank shirts over the weekend, so I will be experimenting with different stencil types, air pressures for the compressor and what not, even more. I'm also considering trying my hand at some 'fine art' airbrushing, but I don't quite feel like I'm there, yet.

As you are aware, this has slowed down work on my dolls...but it also means that now I will be able to airbrush them instead of just normal brushing them!


  1. I like.

    Ideas are popping into my head faster than my fingers can relay.

    Just think... you could open up a store in the mall called something cheesy, err, super cool like "Nu Designz." Congregating would be everyone from Rusty the redneck to "Gunslinga" the gangsta.

    I can see it now.

    Really, though, good stuff.

  2. Austin, I don't think I'll ever open a store in a mall. I do not consider that to be success. Heh. However, The potential for shirt sales, or the ability to own a shirt that I want but do not have because it does not exist, is kind of awesome(ausome) too. I'd love to have access to some of those ideas popping into your head, by the way.

  3. Likely to no surprise, I agree on those points exactly. If I were you, and had just realized I could successfully airbrush some shirts, I would perhaps be happiest that I could avoid having to work around the restrictions of printers and availability of online stores. Good stuff, dude.

    And, I'll do my best to not be bashful about sharing my ideas. You know I have a hard time with that. Ha.