Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Roofing part 2

The roofing thing is still going on, and it is so jarring that I can not concentrate on art. It sucks.

It also rattles every damned thing in the house, and terrifies the cats. The rattling is a worse problem, as I keep finding stuff that the constant hammering has knocked over. Nothing has broken yet, but I keep waiting to find something...then I'll likely loose my damned mind at a roofer and end up with a partially fixed roof, and broken stuff.

It really is nerve wracking. I hate the constant pounding and the shaking. Also, let it be noted that if they are tearing out your chimney, they will drop bricks down it, and that will cause soot to fly out everywhere...onto everything in front of the fireplace....which happens to be the backs of all your video games, if you set up your TV in front of the fireplace because the fireplace isn't usable. Trust me on this.

Ugh. Updates later on stuff.

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